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The Mother Ship in Neptune (the Township, not the planet) is closed to the public.  That makes doing business more difficult.  But maybe the Township’s Fathers and Mother will discover that local government could cause aggravation for citizens with fewer people and thus  lower our taxes!

So, if you are thinking of joining our small scale, town-wide sale, planned with fewer sellers and fewer buyers, and with a fun outdoor activity in mind, you will need a permit.

The way to get a $5.00 permit.  ($6.95 with the “service charge”) is to go to the Neptunetownship.org web site and click on “Code Enforcement”—two words to elicit terror, but that’s the way to do it, and make sure you choose the designation of a “community sale in Ocean Grove.”  That gets you the half price permit.  But watch out, they may give you a hard time on the fee—$10.00 vs. $5.00

And yes we mean fun…..even if there are just a few of us, take a walk or a bike ride and just say “Hi” and have a little chat.  You can skip the shopping altogether. Make believe we are a small town community where our guys and dolls can have an event with each other.

And if outsiders do come, they might decide to move here, because autumn is the most seductive season.


Guys and Dolls.   (Reprise)



Editor’s note:   September 12 a yard sale is held on Mt. Carmel Way.  The autumn yard sale season begins.

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