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From Jean, special reporter for Blogfinger.net:    Strolling through Founders Park today, I was drawn to the sound of Country Music played by this couple who said they come to Ocean Grove every year from Doylestown, Pa.  After watching the Ken Burns documentary, I was wishing I knew how to Clog Dance.  Sorry for the wind noise.



Editor’s note:  I guess we could call this wonderful music Bluegrass, but one thing is sure, aficionados of country would not call her instrument a “violin.”   It is a fiddle.

But I did hear Itzhak Perlman tell a country fiddler, “We’re all fiddlers.”   A very gracious comment by a very versatile violinist.  I heard this in Ken Burns recent documentary on country music.  (PBS–reruns with streaming)

And Jean, if you become inspired to do some clogging in front of Stokes, please let us know so we can video it.


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