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Coney Island, 1939

From the Goldfinger family album: Aunt Jean and cousin Marty Litinger. Coney Island, 1939. Photographer unknown.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


Marty Litinger, one of the heroes in my family, served with the Coast Guard in convoys heading back and forth across the North Atlantic making runs to England and Russia during WWII.

His mom Jean was my mother’s sister, and the family loved to meet at Coney Island where I rode the Cyclone once and the Parachute Jump once  (They made us take off our shoes.)

My mother had 8 siblings, and although all were from Bayonne, NJ, they loved to meet at Coney Island.


JOHN BARRY   “Coney Island.” from the soundtrack of the film  Across the Sea of Time.

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