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Coney Island. Undated. By Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net. ©

Coney Island. My lucky star.  Undated. By Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net. ©  Reposted from 2015.

THE EXCELLENTS  (They were in the GA in June, 2015)

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This black and white image of getting the roller coaster ready at Coney Island is by Meyer Liebowitz, a NY Times photographer from the '50's and '60's. the Times did not date the image today

This black and white image of getting the Cyclone roller coaster ready at Coney Island is by Meyer Liebowitz, a NY Times photographer from the ’50’s and ’60’s. The Times did not date the image today

By Alexandra S. Levine, New York Times:

With the warming weather, we trekked to the southern tip of Brooklyn to explore Coney Island.  We were a bit early.    Coney Island was as quiet as a ghost town.

Inside Luna Park, shades were down at the ticket booths. The swings were wrapped in plastic.  Whac-a-Mole and Coney’s Cones were sealed shut.

Not a frankfurter to be had on the boardwalk at Paul’s Daughter.

The turquoise-pink Wonder Wheel stood completely still.   The only thing moving, apart from the wind, was the Cyclone.   The famed roller coaster ran on an endless loop — the cars rising and falling on its rickety track — but the seats were all empty.


“Right now, it’s bliss,” said Andre Malacaria, a Coney Island resident we met on the boardwalk. “It’s our own slice of heaven. We get to enjoy our backyard.”

It’s always been his backyard: Mr. Malacaria is Coney Island born and bred.   “When I was a kid here, we’d go beachcombing and look for treasure,” he told us. “We’d dig tunnels, mining for gold on the beach.”

But he, too, is ready for summer to return.

Luna Park opens in less than two weeks.

“I want waffle fries; I want a hot dog,” he said.   “I want to walk from one booth to the next, see friends, have a beer. It’s a cacophony of sense overstimulation.”


Editor’s Note  (PG):  Coney Island is a wonderful, exciting, fun place to visit.  It is easy to get to  from OG by taking the GSP to the Outerbridge Crossing through Staten Island. Go in the spring before the summer throngs come streaming off the trains.  It’s like the Riviera for the lower and middle classes.  Visit the original Nathan’s for hot dogs.  Near Brighton Beach, next door, is a large Russian community with great restaurants.

Here is a link to the most famous Coney Island song with a photo of my Coney Island Baby from years ago.



And here is a link from 2013 on BF, also about Coney Island and with the same song.



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