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Civil War re-enactment near Founders Park. Nov. 2003. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  click on all these photos to enlarge them.


Founders’ Park. Paul Goldfinger photo 2003.


OG reenactment on the beach. of the Ft. Wagner battle.  2003. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


They used to have wonderful Civil War reenactments in the Grove. The camp set-ups would be at the Ocean Pathway, but they would have African-American soldiers replay the “Glory” battle on the beach.  That battle was about the all black 54th Massachusetts Regiment who heroically attacked the  Confederate Army holed up at Ft. Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina. The movie “Glory” was about that.

“Glory” battle:



JACQUELINE SCHWAB  “Battle Cry of  Freedom.”




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Founders' Park.Ocean Grove, NJ c. 2004 By Paul Goldfinger

Union soldiers.  Civil War reenactment in Founders’ Park.Ocean Grove, NJ c. 2004 By Paul Goldfinger.  Click image to view larger version.   ©  Originally posted on Blogfinger in June, 2013.

MOLLY MASON AND JAY UNGAR.  “Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground.”

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The assault on Battery Wagner near Charlston.  Ocean Grove beach. c.1990's.   Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

The assault on Fort Wagner near Charleston. Ocean Grove beach reenactment. c.2002. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge

During the Civil War there were few African-American regiments, but one, the 54th Massachusetts, was honored by the people of Boston, and a movie called “Glory” was made to tell the story of that courageous unit.

Col. Robert Shaw.  From the Civil War Trust.

Col. Robert Shaw. From the Civil War Trust.

Robert Gould Shaw , an idealistic white officer, came from an abolitionist Boston family. He took charge of that black unit and was determined to prove that they could be as courageous  as any white unit. They didn’t have the chance to fight early on, but finally in 1863,  they were ordered to leave Boston and head to South Carolina.  There they were given the opportunity  to attack one of the Charleston defenses which was held by the Confederates.  The 54th took the lead and led the charge.  The 25 year old  Colonel Shaw was killed in the battle.

An  African-American reenactment unit used to be featured in Ocean Grove, NJ each year when the battle of Fort Wagner was reproduced on the OG beach. The soldiers would camp overnight on the Pathway and they would chat with Grovers and other visitors who came by.  It was wonderful and very authentic—-living history.

Unfortunately, the reenactments in OG were ended because of  fire risks due to the camp- fires.

Honoring the men of the 54th Massachusetts

Honoring the men of the 54th Massachusetts in Boston.

JAY UNGAR AND MOLLY MASON   “Marching Through Georgia”  from Civil War Classics:


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