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3rd.Street in Naples, Fla. By Paul Goldfinger 2/23/17. ©

3rd Street in Naples, Fla. Sensory deprivation due to cell  phones.  And look at the body language—what does it say?     By Paul Goldfinger 2/23/17. ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Naples, Florida is practically an international city. You can hear a variety of languages spoken.  It is affluent and beautiful.  There are so many lovely sights including “cottages” that are reminiscent of old Florida.

And there is wonderful people watching, car watching, art, architecture, and great shops.

If you talk to people you can find out all sorts of fascinating information.  For example Eileen was conversing with a sales lady in the Tommy Bahama men’s shop about women’s clothing.

She said that there is a solution to finding the perfect fit in a pair of jeans for women, so she gave us directions to a shop that will measure your every curve and create the perfect jeans specifically  for you.

So getting to our photograph, we have this couple who are staring at their phones instead of each other.  It is said that there might be health issues from excessive use of cell phones  including brain injury from radiation; tendon problems and inflammation (involving neck, elbow and hands;) computer vision syndrome (dry eye, blurry vision, dizziness;)  addiction to the devices (anxiety if you don’t check them often);  sensory deprivation (as in experiencing your environment;) and,  in this case, damage to relationships.




Amy LaVere sings Baby Won't You Pease Come Home"

Amy LaVere sings Baby Won’t You Please Come Home”

WBGO JAZZ RADIO  (regarding this recording session): “But Amy LaVere was there to sing the enticing “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” into a vintage-style ribbon microphone, albeit one that was wreaking havoc for the sound technicians. Her auburn-accented hair sailed into the breeze, and she handled an equally flowing delivery.”




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