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“Carfoto” by Paul Goldfinger © Ft.Myers,Fla. January 11, 2018.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Photography Editor  @Blogfinger.net

Digital photography was responsible for the “selfie.”  We don’t know who came up with that, but it was the Oxford Dictionary “word of the year” for 2013.

So now Blogfinger has come up with “carfoto” a word for images taken by a car camera, particularly the one that shows you what is in the back. It always has a wide angle lens to let you see everything that you might crash into as you go in reverse.

And, like every photographic tool, someone has to use the technique to create a work of art.  So, we claim the rights to this word.



DUKE ELLINGTON’S  “Sophisticated Lady” performed by Earl Hines.


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