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This summer the Home Groaners paid $7500 to a lawyer to investigate ground rents in OG. Are the members being taken for a ride? Blogfinger photo. ©

This summer the Home Groaners paid $7,500.00 to a lawyer to investigate ground rents in OG. Are the members being taken for a ride?  Blogfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.   Lately 2021, there has been renewed interest in our prior posts about ground rents.  Why?

2016:      Recently the Ocean Grove Home Owners Association got on their high horses to raise an alarm about the land leases which property owners pay yearly to the CMA.  They claimed that this issue is of such importance that they hired a lawyer.

The Coaster, of Sept 29,  reporting from the last HOA meeting, quotes Barbara Burns, HOA president,  as saying that the ground rent issue is “critical” and that “it cannot be allowed to fester.” She also is quoted as saying that “more banks are refusing to issue mortgages on Ocean Grove properties due to this issue. “

But it wasn’t clear to us as to why the Home Groaners were being involved when, so far, they have failed to provide a single example of a residence in town that has been charged with an increased lease payment.   We spoke to a senior realtor in town who knew of no such examples.  We have heard of an Inn and of one condo owner who has had a problem.

This seemed to be a concern mostly for condo and commercial property owners.   So why the HOA is getting so involved is unclear.  Don’t they represent homeowners, or are they merely shills for the Township Committee, commercial interests and developers?  Or maybe some of them are worried about their own checkbooks

Neptune Township Committeeman Randy Bishop, who owns a bed and breakfast in Ocean Grove, said  in the August 3 edition of the Coaster that “the Township has a real reason to worry about any sizeable increase in the lease agreements.”

He said,  “The $10.50 per lot lease was really a tradition,  but the new lease increases raise the question does the OGCMA now have a more vested interest in the land. And, if that is the case, should the Township now be naming them on every violation and every lien process?

“Since three banks decided to no longer write mortgages in Ocean Grove, it causes instability, and the actions of the Camp Meeting Association continues to jeopardize homeowners’ values. Since the original leases make no mention of use, commercial or residential, it continues to have a negative impact on all properties in Ocean Grove,” Bishop said.

Bishop, who recently resigned from the Township Committee, seems to be thrashing about wildly with those threatening comments.

Today we received a policy statement from the CMA about this matter. It is posted below.  Click on the letter to make the font larger.:



JESSI ALEXANDER sings about being wrong  (If the shoe fits, wear it—and return the money to the members.)

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