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Mayor, Skip the Coaster interviews, take off your mask,  and tell us what you really think! Paul Goldfinger photo. Florence,  Italy. Silver gelatin darkroom print ¬©


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor@ BLOGFINGER.net

BRIDGEGATE OPINION POLL   (below):   We closed the poll on July 15, 2019 after 247 voters chose either YES or NO.

224 said YES;  23 said NO.

91% of those who offered an opinion were in favor of keeping the gates locked.


The Mayor is meeting with the Asburians over this, but, according to the Qoastericans, the two sides cannot agree on anything.  Committeeman Brantley of Neptune says that “no firm decision has been made.”

But Mayor, why are you allowing yourself to be manipulated by the Qoaster and by Asbury rabble rousers?   Is it possible that you are giving serious credence to the Asburian Councilwoman Chapman who asserts that this issue “divides the communities?”

Do you believe those who say that Bridgegate is more about parking  than safety?

Will you agree with the disingenuous Asburians who want keys to the gates on the pretense of a possible emergency?    Surely Mayor you have heard of the Neptune Township Police Department?

And Mayor, how is this different from a gated community where an entryway is closed for safety?

So Mayor, is this just a headline-grabbing exercise in political  grandstanding?

When does your Committee begin to take a firm stand on behalf of Grover citizens?  You can take sides in a dispute, even one which is not yet settled.  Where is the courage?

Please stop playing games with these Northerners.  Quit the talks and get back to parking permits and potholes at the Mother Ship.  Don’t let them drag you down over this manufactured issue.

As for those Asburians who are proclaiming nonsense about this “controversy,” they are wasting their time and ours, because no one has yet provided a coherent reason to change the current policy of gate closures on the OG side.

Try to understand their theories, and it all  amounts to “gibberish and gobbledygook.”


Theme song for the Bridgegate talks:

KEK LANG with Nani Nani


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