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Dancing at the Club Cachet to the Nighthawks. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Dancing at Sophia’s to the Nighthawks. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click left for full view.


Vince Giordano and his Nighthawks won a Grammy for their music on Boardwalk Empire (HBO). They are a marvelous group that brings back music from the 20’s and ’30’s. They play on Monday nights at Sofia’s (Downstairs) at the Hotel Edison at 221 W. 46th Street. They do 3 sets and go from 8:00 pm to 11:pm and they are unbelievably good.

Ballroom dance teams are always there showing off their moves, but the audience can dance along too.

Because their shows are so unique, celebrities often show up. When we were there, Michael Feinstein, his husband and Liza Minnelli came in to enjoy the show. You can order dinner from the restaurant upstairs (Sophia’s) and the cover charge is only $15.00 per person.


THE NIGHTHAWKS. “Darktown Strutters Ball’ from the Boardwalk Empire album

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