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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

Scene:  Ocean Grove on Delaware Avenue. It was one of those gridlock summer weekends, and I parked by the curb at the place where Delaware intersects Main Ave.. To my left is the funeral home.   When I came back, there was a note on my windshield:

“Why don’t you take some parking lessons, Dickhead.”

I examined my parking job and judged it to be just fine.  I thought:

“Why did this person go to the trouble to find fault in my parking…… and also to take an interest in my education?  This was a very unsatisfying conversation where my assailant had the last word and I was left with the title of a blues song which remains to be written and performed by some West Virginia bluesmen.   And why call me “Dickhead ?”

I can only imagine what the roots of that insulting name are.  The Urban Dictionary defines it as ” a stupid, irritating, or ridiculous person, particularly a man,”  and that doesn’t fit to describe my parking job.

So my answer to that person, my half of the conversation, is, if they are reading this is,   “NO….you are the Dickhead!”….   “So there!”


Scene  2:  Asbury Park mid-day, and hotter than Heck Avenue.  I am driving my snazzy sports-car, top up.

But this time, on Sunset Avenue heading east, a warning light illuminates the dash with a glaring yellow color:  “Your car is overheating, and you must drive slow to let it cool down.”  I already am doing 25 mph, so as I approach the corner of Sunset and Main, I take that right turn very slowly, fearful of burning out my engine.

As I am in mid-turn, a female voice yells, out of nowhere, “You’re too old to drive that car!”  Then I see her in the mirror—a bike rider trying to pass.  She zooms by and vanishes after dropping that verbal stink bomb.

I want to explain my situation to her so that she would think I’m too sexy for my car.   As I complete the turn, the warning light turns red and the car stops running as if to say to me, “You are too old for this car.  Pull over and check yourself into the nearest nursing home.”

Well, once again I have a half conversation with an anonymous bully.

That is why I plan to write a song  “The Dickhead Blues”and perform it at the Chamber of Commercials British car show accompanied by my ukulele and its 4 chords  (C—A—-F—and A minor)

But wait, Johnny Cash will now instead perform a blues song for us.  “The Folsom Prison Blues:”     (But what about the Dickhead Blues?—I am reserving that piece for the next organization in town that schedules another grid-lock event in the Grove.)

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