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Ocean Grove: some things bear repeating. © Paul Goldfinger photo.

Ocean Grove: Some things bear repeating. © Paul Goldfinger photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

With the decline of local newspapers such as the OG Record, Internet based news sources such as Blogfinger.net have brought innovative ways to inform the public.  In many towns, Internet news sources have tried to find models that would make  such reporting feasible by earning money with advertising.  It’s not easy, and some have failed.

Blogfinger is making a contribution in its own way, and one of our best aspects are the comments by viewers who often offer smart  and unique ideas to share with our citizens. Unlike some famous blog sources which allow all sorts of obscene language and vicious comments, we don’t allow that.  We want a civil discourse, so we have rules of engagement (see the page tab above.)

So now we will bring back samples of the most interesting comments culled from our 2016 collection. This is the second edition because we also did it in 2015, but a little differently. These comments are excerpts, so we do not promise to post an entire statement. We will do this regularly. Our comments are a terrible thing to waste.  (uh oh; is there an English teacher in the house?)

Jennifer S Krimko Esq. Jan 3, 2016:       “While Lake Avenue is not designated as public right of way for vehicular access, it is a public walkway access.”

Oldtimer   Jan 1:   “I would challenge the OGCMA to make a public statement about their position regarding the North End redevelopment as well as proposed changes to RSIS enforcement in OG.

“Hey OGCMA — silence makes you look bad (or even Machiavellian) and hurts OG. We need you to be leaders who protect this town.”

Jack Bredin 1/1:    “With zoning, the buck stops with the Township Committee.

“The problem is that the Committee, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment use Municipal Land Use Law in ways that were never intended by the NJ State Legislature.”

Doubting Thomas   1/6:     “It’s about time that the powers-that-be do what’s best for the citizens of Ocean Grove who want an authentic historic district for our town. We the people should be the top priority and not the developers who want to make our “built-up” town even more crowded.”

 By the Sea   1/9    “In OG, money and influence allow you to play by another set of rules — including at the HPC.”

David   1/12:   “While I agree that rampant condo development is overall a detriment to our town, it seems that Blogfinger has become particularly strident in it’s outlook on this issue. The Parkview Inn is a public menace. That someone has actually tackled this project, and even is proposing single homes as opposed to a higher density use seems very desirable to me. The owner wants to make a profit and should be allowed to if they can remove this fire trap.

“While trying to prevent the greed that the NERP Project represents are we in danger of driving away the responsible investors that might improve our neighborhoods?”

Blogfinger  1/14     “People can make a profit in this town without looking for ways to skirt the laws. Let’s put the people and the town first and let’s follow the laws, and all will be well, and Blogfinger can stop being “strident” and get back to the photographs, music,  and the jokes.”

JOHN COLTRANE:  “Say It Over and Over Again.”

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