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Neptune Township ballot drop box behind the library. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 10/8/20.

This is sitting unguarded.  If there are video cameras they are well hidden.  Will your vote make it to the Surrogate’s office in Freehold?

Take Rt. 33 past Walgreen’s and turn right onto Davis.   Then right into the parking lot behind the municipal building and the library. It is near the library entrance.   Surely you all have been to the Neptune library.

You drop your ballot into a slot on top. No one is present to make sure that you are who you say you are.  There is a bar code which could be scanned.  But no one is verifying the identity of the dropper. Anyone who shows up with someone else’s ballot has to fill out a small form in front.  But who’s checking that?  And how about the garbage pail behind?

If you fill out your ballot at home, make sure you follow the instructions:  the last thing you need is a hanging chad.  The insructions urge you to mail or drop your ballot immediately.

But one thing was bothering me as we drove our ballots over:  If you are a Biden supporter, and if Trump wins in New Jersey, your vote is wasted.  And visa versa.  But that’s our system, and it is true in most states.  Winner takes all.

JONI MITCHELL.    From the days before we worried about voting or COVID:  “Rock and rollin'”  The song is “In France They Kiss On Main Street.”

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