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Photo from: backintimecafe.com

Reenie Van Buren of Ocean Grove will be re-opening her Back in Time Café at the Bradley Beach Train Station, 615 Main Street.  She established her charming restaurant in 1997.

Tomorrow, June 10, she will begin take out orders, and then she will offer 8 tables for outdoor dining on June 15, opening day of the next step.

BF Link:    Meet chef Reenie.

Her breakfasts are especially marvelous.  Wish her well by trying some of her amazing coffee and her creative menu.  We have been there many times.


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Reenie buzzes around her train station café, serving wondereful breakfasts to her lucky customers. Paul Goldfinger photo.

Reenie buzzes around her Back In Time Café at the Bradley Beach Train Station serving wonderful breakfasts and lunches to her lucky customers. She cooks and serves with swiftness, and that accounts for her slight blur above, but the results are always perfect.  Paul Goldfinger photo. 2017.

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors @Blogfinger.

This past July, we wrote a piece about Reenie Van Buren’s delightful breakfast and lunch café at the Bradley Beach train station, behind the park. But we didn’t have a photo of her then because she had stepped out, no doubt to check on those special  hens quickly laying the organic eggs that she serves.

You can click on this link to get the “emmis.” (A word from the Blogfinger  “introduction to basic conversational Yiddish” —it means the bare truth and nothing but the truth)        BF Back in Time Café link

The café is right next to the train tracks, and you can see the Jersey Coast line whizzing by.  There is parking in the train station parking lot or on the street.

Reenie is a Grovarian who lives at the North End with her giant German Shepherd Zeus.  Don’t cross Zeus because he can bring down Apollo himself onto your head.

This morning I tried the Special “layered” delicious sandwich—– a breakfast  that is marvelous:  On a croissant Reenie layers  Applewood crisp bacon, an “over easy” egg, Swiss cheese, tomato and avocado.  It is really good as is her fresh brewed coffee.

Eileen had bacon and eggs with home made raspberry preserves, which she loved. It is a basic dish, but way above average.

Bacon and eggs, just right and made by Reenie.Eileen Goldfinger photo. ©

Bacon and eggs, just right and made by Reenie.  Eileen Goldfinger photo. ©

Reenie’s Café is in the former ticket office at the Bradley Beach Train Station.  There is plenty of parking. 732 776 9050

Now and throughout the season, she is open 7 days each week:  5 am to 2 pm Weekdays, and 7 am to 2 pm  Sat and Sun.


Drop in and say hello.  Reenie likes to chat, but when she is working, she is no nonsense, because she strives for perfection.

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Stewart's Hardware. Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Stewart’s Hardware. Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  9/6/16


Interior at Stewart's 9/6/16

Interior at Stewart’s 9/6/16

Most of you are aware of the old-fashioned hardware stores in Ocean Grove and Asbury Park.  Visiting such places is nostalgic–they often have items that you may have not seen in many years.   They each have their own special personalities, but they share a down-home atmosphere, personal attention,  and a huge inventory.

We have visited Stewart’s in the past and always enjoyed conversing with the helpful staff.  The store is at 703 Brinley Avenue, adjacent to the train station.  Next door is  a shop that claims to have the best prices for nutritional supplements, and across the very special  Riley Park at the train station on Main Street, in the old ticket office, is the ultra-cute “Back in Time Café ” breakfast and lunch restaurant  owned by Ocean Grover  Reenie Van Buren who serves wonderful home-made organic food—-worth going to Bradley Beach for.  (See BF review linked below.)


MARLENE DIETRICH from the Woody movie “Scenes From a Mall.”     This song is also by Cole Porter. Great lyrics for “You Do Something to Me”  (“Do do that voodoo that you do so well”)

Marlene Dietrich from the movie "Shanghai Express."    1932.  Internet photo; I did not take it.

Marlene Dietrich from the movie “Shanghai Express.” 1932. Internet photo; I did not take it.


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From the Back In time Café website.

615 Main Street.      From the “Back In Time Café” website. www. backintimecafe.com   732 776 9050

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors  @Blogfinger.

19 years ago Ocean Grover Reenie Van Buren opened her small restaurant  on Main Street at the train station in Bradley Beach for lunch and breakfast. Reenie and her assistant Denise use organic ingredients and home-made baked goods to create fine meals. The menu is simple, and the results are unusually good.

Blogfinger.net photo. July, 2015. ©

“A regular.”    Blogfinger.net photo. July, 2015. ©

The restaurant is in a former ticket building at the train station. It is a charming, old-fashioned space with delicious home-style cooking. You can look out onto the train platform. The organic eggs come from a nearby farm, the home-fries are spicy, the bacon crisp, and the orange juice is fresh squeezed.  The toast was served with wonderful strawberry preserves.

Everyday there are muffins and scones made on the premises including Reenie’s famous frittatas. She has rye bread and bagels. No detail is missed. This restaurant strives for perfection. They even make their own butter.

Made on the premises: frittatas, scones and muffins.

Made on the premises: frittatas, scones and muffins.

We went there for breakfast last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The service is friendly, and the T.M. Ward coffee is superb.   We tried her special cranberry muffins, and they are first rate.

Reenie doesn’t mind if customers drop in and just have coffee. She has quite a few regulars including a business man from Neptune who has been eating there since the shop opened. Another Grover we know goes there often.  Also, this café is “dog friendly”   (provided that your dog is friendly.)

Back in Time Café is open Monday through Friday from 5 am to 2 pm;  Saturday 7 am-noon.  Closed Sunday.

Simple but creativity menu with all fresh ingredients. ©

Simple but creativity menu with all fresh ingredients. ©  Click to read.

BENNY GOODMAN  From the Woody Allen movie Mighty Aphrodite.  The song is “Whispering.”

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