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Neighbor says, “The destruction continues at a rapid pace.  New dumpsters every 2/3 days.  at 7 am ! ”   Blogfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor

It is evident that work is going on at the Aurora, inside and out.  It reminds us of the Warrington before the fire.  Workers were busy inside and out, but there were work permits in the windows. 

No permits are visible in the front windows, first floor at the Aurora.

At least one neighbor stays involved:   “I reported them to the construction authority – don’t see that anything stopped them.  They are clearly not throwing out furniture, and the workers have masks on.  -There are at least 5 cars in front, -and on Surf in November that’s a lot !  oh well – stay tuned.” 

Why don’t the neighbors form a committee to watch the Aurora, make complaints or submit inquiries?  Surely this project will turn that area into a parking mess.


BILLY JOEL:  “Movin’ Out.”

BILLY JOEL    “Movin’Out”

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We recently reported that the Neptune Board of Adjustment granted a use variance to the new owner of the Aurora which would allow him to turn that historic building into 4 condominium apartments.  That property had been zoned for a single family home, which is what it was when the last owner bought it and sold it.

This variance ruling is suspect because the Board of Adjustment  OK’d the application on the grounds that the Aurora lot could legally accommodate 4 single family houses.  But, it is possible that this reasoning  presented by the developer may be fraudulent.

And this is the basis for the suit which has been filed in Monmouth Superior Court by a Grover, and thus the progress of this new zoning decision has been brought to a grinding halt pending resolution of the suit.

We have not seen the suit , but we are told that the developer and the property owner have been named.





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The Aurora. Internet photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

The new owner of the Aurora, #6 Atlantic Avenue, is known as Old Forge Builders at Ocean Grove, LLC.  Block 107, lot 8.  He is on the Zoning Board of Adjustment agenda as ZB17/13, applying for a use variance to “renovate the historic Aurora from the current 32 bedroom single family residence into a 4 unit residential structure consisting of two duplex units.”   No detailed plans or drawings are available.

The applicant’s name on the Zoning Permit is  Old Forge at Ocean Grove LLC.  That address is 516 Rt. 33, Millstone Township, NJ.  The property owner’s name is Raymond Tomo of 366 Upper Mount Avenue, Montclair, N.J .

Currently, the approved zoning for the property is “Detached Single Family Residence.”   The proposed zoning use of the property is “Nonconforming Multifamily Residence.”

The historic hotel is said to be one of the finest  examples of Victorian hotel architecture in  America.*

The zoning permit was denied, so the matter has been referred to the ZBA.

The ZBA  meeting is at the Municipal Building second floor meeting room. Wednesday, May 2, 7:30 pm.

If the ZBA grants the variance request, the matter has to go before the HPC.


* Ted Bell, OG historian.






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The Aurora. Photo by Maggie and Joe Thornton. ©


ZB17/13 (Use Variance) – Old Forge Builders at Ocean Grove, LLC – Block 107, Lot 8 – 6 Atlantic Avenue (Ocean Grove) – Applicant is seeking a Use Variance to renovate the historic Aurora from the current 32 bedroom, 6 bathroom residential structure to a 4-unit residential structure containing two (2) 2-bedroom units and two (2) 4-bedroom units for a total of 12 bedrooms and associated site improvements. Applicant is represented by

Editor’s note:

As most of you know, the prior owner of the Aurora  (6 Atlantic Avenue) was required to buy the place as a single family home.  As a result, he had great difficulty selling it.

But recently an anonymous buyer  (Old Forge Builders of Ocean Grove) bought the place with the apparent intention to have the zoning changed to allow the building described above.

But did this owner have assurances from Neptune  Township regarding the plan before he bought the place?  What kind of advance deal was struck, and by whom?

We have a number of recent posts about this.  Just type “Aurora” into the search box at the top of this page.

This is what the Neptune Township Master Plan says about the Planning Board: “The Board guides the process of zoning amendments by holding public hearings and making recommendations to the Township Committee.   The Board is also responsible for the Master Plan and the implementation of some of its recommendations. The Board meets monthly. ”

This is what it says about the Zoning Board:    “The Zoning Board or Board of Adjustment is the board of appeals. Generally applicants are seeking bulk variances. This can apply to such things as setback requirements, lot frontage and/or area, use changes (planning to do business where it is not zoned for business or a homeowner wishing to build a single family dwelling in a commercial area). Variances are necessary for homes not meeting height requirements.”

Was the Aurora matter referred to the correct board?

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