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The Jitterbug

The Jitterbug


By Paul Goldfinger, editor  @Blogfinger

Do any of you remember when a dance was called a “hop?”   In my day, we went to a “dance” (eg the Valentine Day dance.)   But in 1957, even though we never used the word “hop,” Danny and the Juniors had a big hit called “At the Hop.” It was “the dance sensation that was sweeping the nation at the hop.”

We did fast dances by doing the “jitterbug,” although some called it the Lindy hop.  Then there were “sock hops” where you danced in your socks, although I doubt that my friends would agree to that. The girls wore bobby sox, so maybe they danced in their socks–but we weren’t looking at their feet.

At the last doo wop concert in the Great Auditorium in June of this year, Danny and the Juniors showed up (barely.) It really is time for them to turn in their pegged pants because next year they might need hot rod walkers to make it across the stage. Some groups from that era have successfully reinvented themselves like the Chiffons, but the Juniors? How about Danny and the Seniors. We’ll have to check their Medicare cards at the door to the GA.

The next Doo Wop concert on August 30 promises to be a good show with The Drifters, the Coasters, Emil Stuccio and the Classics, the Belmonts (and perhaps a surprise appearance by the Four Skins.)

So because we just had illumination night in the Grove, someone has suggested a theme song “At the Hub.” based on “At the Hop.”    This is what Danny and his buddies sounded like back when in case you forgot or are so young that you say, “Like what?”  Then somebody at the Hub can write some new lyrics and you have a hit.








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