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The diagram below is from a 2002 Asbury Park document called the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan:


By Paul Goldfinger,Editor, and Jack Bredin, Reporter and Researcher.

After recently hearing the latest ideas on the North End Redevelopment Plan (NERP) from the CMA President, it seems that the goal is to create “Asbury Park South” at our North End.

Maybe there is a secret idea of joining the two sides in one coordinated plan.  After all, while our North End remains undeveloped, so does the Asbury Park South End.  Why have the Parkers left that location alone?

Let’s go back to a document from 2002.  At that time, The Wesley Lake Commission put out a Waterfront Redevelopment Plan and a Waterfront  Redevelopers Agreement with a section called ” Wesley Lake Village.”

The drawing above shows the Asbury side, but look carefully at the diagram at the lower left corner on our side of Wesley Lake.  Why are they including in their diagram that OG Block One site which is not in Asbury Park?

You can see that Beach Avenue is shown connecting to Lake Avenue on our side.  But Beach Avenue does not connect to Lake Avenue  now, so why does an Asbury Park plan take an interest in that detail?

Are they envisioning a roadway that would turn Beach Avenue and Lake Avenue into a vehicle passage to the boardwalk (dark black line) and then into Asbury Park ?

Perhaps this  drawing is done to suggest access when Asburians do their side of the lake as well as our side of the lake as one project?

Is it possible that the secretive new OG North End Developers announced by the CMA are really from Asbury Park, wanting to extend “Wesley Lake Village” to our North End?  Is there a conspiracy?

Transparency could dispel such speculation, but we do not get clarity on our side, and the CMA is probably still deeply involved.



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