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The day after the Sea. Hear. Now Festival on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. Monday morning, Oct. 1, 2018   There were about 10 big trucks transporting portable toilets..  Paul Goldfinger photograph.  Blogfinger.net


Can we trust these Flushers not to dump their loads into the Detention/Retention Basin  (aka The Lake formerly known as Wesley?)

After all, A. Park is the biggest polluter of the Lake due to street water runoff.

Note that these toilets are more modern now with air conditioning  and good lighting to improve aim.



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Al photographs by Paul Goldfinger, 2021.     This year, 2022,  the headliners are Stevie Nicks and Green Day


Paul Goldfinger. The crowd is gone but the jelly fish linger on. A. Park. 9/20/21 morning.  Click to enlarge.   ©


A. Park morning. Paul Goldfinger photos. 9/20/21 .  Going fishing.Click to enlarge ©


A. Park. 9/20/21  Paul Goldfinger.  Yoga and reading and smiling at Blogfinger. ©  Click to enlarge. ©


Try to get 3 dogs to pose for a portrait. 9/20/21 A. Park. Paul Goldfinger. Click to enlarge.


By Sven, 2022. Instagram.






Smashing Pumpkins were live in A. Park.


PEARL JAM:    “Last Kiss.”   They were there too.



Pearl Jam

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North Beach. Big stage in the background needs to be dismantled. A. Park. 10:30 am,  Monday October 1, 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo ©    Organizers emphasized art everywhere. Click images to enlarge.


North Beach. Monday morning Oct 1, 2018. Cleanup underway. Boardwalk, beach, roads, sidewalks all open again. Paul Goldfinger photo©.


Oct 1. A. Park boards. Anyone know the artists’ names?


Morning after coffee fix in the Grand Arcade. A. Park. 10/1/18 Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net


BLONDIE was there.

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