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NY Times

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

If you actually attend a Neptune Township Committee meeting, you will hear only what is scripted in the agenda.  After  several hours of hanging around, you can go to the microphone and offer a 5 minute  opinion, but none of the robots on the dais will actually have a conversation with you.  They may say, “Your time is up.”  Or they may ask a police officer to force you to sit down, or they may say something like, “We’ll look into that.”   So no one really expects them to offer much in the way of explanations or opinions when they face the public.  Luckily, whatever you might say is recorded and may actually be documented  in the minutes

However, amazingly, on June 30. 2016, they sent a letter to the editor of the Coaster to explain some things to us Grovers. This is unprecedented , so it must really be important.

In the letter they explain that  two members left early during the infamous Parking Committee meeting of a few weeks ago because  they had to attend a memorial service for Orlando victims.  Apparently the Committee doesn’t mind being accused of malfeasance ( eg the RSIS controversy), because they never respond to those opinions,  but now they had to go public to say why they cut the meeting short.

Here are some quotes from that Coaster letter.   You can judge it for yourselves.  None of the Committeemen  (and one woman)  actually signed the letter using their actual names.

“It is a false impression that the concerns of Ocean Grove residents regarding parking were not being fully addressed”

In relation to the parking issue, we take great pride in our efforts to make sure Neptune Township truly is a place where ‘community, business and tourism prosper.’   (Can anyone say “non sequitur?” )

…we will continue to focus on this issue while considering the effect our actions will have on the entirety of Neptune Township”     (Anyone want to explain this statement?)

“In addition to the establishment of this Advisory Board  (ie the Parking Task Force) we have also requested that the Neptune Township Business Administrator seek immediate solutions that can be implemented in the short term, and not be held up due to the necessary process actions which the municipal Committee must go though.   We expect residents will see some changes in the coming weeks.”   

(So, one bureaucrat at the Mother Ship will prepare  some sort of “immediate solutions” without letting those solutions be examined first by the citizens?  Who’s to say we will like those “solutions?”    Can you say “transparency?”   Does the Committte now rule  OG by edict?   Is this the slippery slope in action?  )

“As elected officials our jobs are to listen to, and act on, the concerns of all of the residents we serve…….We have no greater obligation than to make our Township an even better one to live and raise a family in.”   (Editor’s note:  “Really?”)

Can any of you find any specific information regarding parking in this letter which was entitled “Parking Changes will be Coming Soon.”    Can  you find anything besides platitudes and political double talk?

JACK JOHNSON   “Anything but the Truth”

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