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Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Wyeth’s studio.  Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©


Gross anatomy lab at The George Washington U. School of Medicine.  Paul Goldfinger.  Freshman year. The cigarette is a prop. ©  Her name was Ethel.  You can tell by the pelvis.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger  This post by popular request from the cast of True Blood.


Andrew Wyeth, famous painter, was a movie buff and he had souvenirs around his studio, given to him by some of his actor friends. There was a sword from the swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.   The skeleton was real, but I don’t know if he had it there for fun or for body sketches.

We had a skeleton in the gross anatomy lab in medical school. I am wearing my smelly formaldehyde laden lab coat with my arm around Ethel.  She was very thin.

My roommate Jim  and I were given a bone box and a skull box to take home and study.  One month later, we put a hat on the skull,  lit it up, and put it in our ground floor window for Halloween on 16th Street in D.C.

Down the street,  a few blocks away, was the White House  where our neighbor  JFK and his family lived.

We should have walked over to see if Marilyn was sneaking up the back steps.



Marilyn Monroe. She had more visits to the White House than Bobby Kennedy.


LOUIS  PRIMA with a song for the skeleton  “I Ain’t Got No Body.”   And also “Just a Gigolo.” which is about my ambition after my bar mitzvah.




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The Mill (detail) 1959. By Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)   Drybrush on paper. From a Brandywine River Museum Publication. Chadds Ford, Pa.  © Andrew Wyeth. Left click all images


Entrance to Andrew Wyeth's studio in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Guided tour presented by the Brandywine River Museum. September 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Entrance to Andrew Wyeth’s studio in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Guided tour presented by the Brandywine River Museum. September 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net   We have a number of posts about this great artist .  You can put his name into our search box above.



There is a sign on Andrew Wyeth’s studio door which says “I am working, so please do not disturb. I do not sign autographs.”  He liked his privacy. He planted lots of shrubs and trees around so that the simple white house would not be noticed.

On the way to the studio each morning, Wyeth would stop at Wawa and pick up eggs to make  tempera paint.


Andrew Wyeth's studio by NY Times photographer Jessica Kourkounis * May, 2013

Andrew Wyeth’s studio by NY Times photographer Jessica Kourkounis * May, 2013. Note the northerly light that artists love.

His grand-daughter Victoria Browning Wyeth happened by while we were assembling outside.  She had spent the morning with a BBC crew that was interviewing her and photographing inside.  She is a bubbly young woman who was carrying a sketch-like water color that her grandfather made for her.  She briefly held it up so that we all could see.

The drawing shows Andrew Wyeth in Maine, sitting on the rocks overlooking the ocean in Cushing, Maine where he spent his summers.  He is with his dog and he is sketching. He is wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket which Victoria showed us. He liked to wear that jacket when he painted, and she showed us the paint splatters on the sleeves. Beneath the picture is a personal letter from A.W. to Victoria.

We posted a photograph of Victoria with that painting along with a quote of her grandfather’s letter to her and a closeup of the letter.

However, she e-mailed us today and asked that we remove the image and the text quote on the grounds that they are copyright. She did not tell us that the image was copyright when she showed it to the entire group.  Many of us were taking photos of her. However, we have agreed to her request.


*  New York Times travel article May,, 2013, is very good:    NY Times Wyeth article


AARON COPLAND.  London Symphony Orchestra. “Down a Country Lane” (1962). Album: Orchestral Works  (1948-1971)


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View from Andrew Wyeth's studio. 2013.  Chadds Ford, Pa. By Eileen Goldfinger

Andrew Wyeth’s studio. 2013. Chadds Ford, Pa. By Eileen Goldfinger. From the Brandywine Valley series.  Click left on all our photos.


Andrew Wyeth spent every fall and winter in Chadds Ford, Pa.  He worked in a house that contained his studio, with light coming in from the north. He would work in that studio while classical music played. His granddaughter Victoria, whom we met, said that the studio was quite messy–not what you would expect for such a meticulous artist.

Andrew Wyeth was a collector of World War One objects, and a couple of helmets can be seen on the window sill.  The swords in his collection were used for fencing with Douglas Fairbanks when he came to visit.

The house that contained the studio is white and quite simple. It was open to the public only last summer (2012).  We will be posting more images from this series.

JOE VENUTI from the album “Performance.”

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