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Here's a good time--buying at hat at the OG flea market.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Here’s a good time–buying a  hat at the OG flea market, June 2, 2012.    Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Guest DJ:  Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove suggests that we try this song:  “Good Times”  by Chic


“Good times, these are the good times
Leave your cares behind, these are the good times
Good times, these are the good times
Our new state of mind, these are the good times

Happy days are here again
The time is right for makin’ friends
Let’s get together, how ’bout a quarter to ten
Come tomorrow, let’s all do it again

Boys will be boys, better let them have their toys
Girls will be girls, cute pony tails and curls
Must put an end to this stress and strife
I think I want to live the sporting life

Good times, these are the good times
Leave your cares behind, these are the good times
Good times, these are the good times
Our new state of mind, these are the good times

A rumor has it that it’s getting late
Time marches on, just can’t wait
The clock keeps turning, why hesitate
You silly fool, you can’t change your fate

Let’s cut the rug, little jive and jitterbug
We want the best, we won’t settle for less
Don’t be a drag, participate
Clams on the half shell and roller skates, roller skates

Good times, these are the good times
Leave your cares behind, these are the good times
Good times, these are the good times
Our new state of mind, these are the good times

Written by  Rodgers and Edwards

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Stephen Goldfinger of NYC sent us this guest DJ submission.  He says, “A modern day 50’s sound that I like.”    SG


Editor’s Note:  This London based group is sometimes called “For the Foxes” or just “The Foxes.”  This acapella song is “Easy Way.”   It is from their album Summer Nights.

The Foxes

The Foxes



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  From Brian O’Reilly:      I think this will be a back-to-the-future trend. Instead of stars making videos, we will return to Hollywood, with big “numbers;” huge songs and dancing troops.  India never lost the taste for big productions.  

We used to eat them up.  The Indians still love,adore, and put at the top of the charts what we came to think as “corny.”  They are adore d’lano, still.

The more corny, the better, apparently.

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Clifford Brown.  Internet photo c.1955

Clifford Brown. Internet photo c.1955

Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove suggested this jazz selection by the late Clifford Brown.  Ironically there was a jazz trumpet player named Lee Morgan, but it’s not the same guy. This is Lee’s comment about the song below:

“As I walked through the car show today, I kept hearing Clifford Brown’s trumpet soaring above the strings of the oft-covered “Yesterdays.” One of many geniuses of the jazz trumpet, Clifford Brown, with a great rhythm section in 1955, covered  “Yesterdays” (by Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach) with a string orchestra conducted by Neil Hefti.

A rising star, Clifford died in a car accident at age 25. His influence on later jazz trumpeters is well known.

Editor’s Note: There was an era in jazz when all the greats, including Ella and Louis, recorded with strings, often with full orchestras.  I never liked that much because the strings just didn’t seem to fit with classic jazz.  I do however enjoy jazz violin, bass and cello.

Lee points out how unique Clifford Brown was, and because he died so young, everything he left is very precious; only four years of recordings remain.

This album is called, “Clifford Brown with Strings.”

Subsequent to this note, Lee sent us a link to a web site (All About Jazz) which explains the jazz with strings phenomenon.  After reading that, I will have to take another listen.  The link is below .

jazz with strings link from Lee Morgan

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Chris Anderson on piano and Charlie Haden on bass

Chris Anderson on piano and Charlie Haden on bass

How fitting:   Summer is over but lingers for awhile into fall.  Lee Morgan of Ocean Grove has chosen a lovely memory in the form of this duet by the late pianist Chris Anderson and the bassist Charlie Haden.  It’s called “The Things We Did Last Summer.”

It was written in 1946 by the renowned song writers  Jule Styne (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics).  Chris Anderson is deceased, but Charlie Haden is still performing and is considered to be one of the great jazz bass players.

—-Paul Goldfinger

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Lady Gaga.  Image by fanpop.com

Lady Gaga. 27 years old. Image by fanpop.com

Brian O’Reilly, guest DJ, sent us a music video by Lady Gaga. It is a bit saucy, but I rate it PG-13. There are no wardrobe malfunctions, but there are some hot segments. This is what Brian has to say about his selection:

“Enjoy Lady Gaga’s new single, “Applause.” Lady Gaga has been out of the spotlight for about a year, but emerges in this new and very American-referenced video. Stardom, strength, tenacity, hard work, and all elements of American patriotism, can be found in this performance.

“I really like this video, particularly the references to emergence, which strangely, Gaga does from old tires. What is more American than an old tire, I suppose? We invented and redefined cars and tires, right? Maybe that is our girl’s sweet point. Stardom and fortitude emerge in force, so grab the popcorn. — Brian

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Brian O’Reilly is a resident of Ocean Grove who has been guiding us to some new music:

“If I am the river, you are the ocean. Got the radio on, got the
wheels in motion.” Keane does hope very well. All of their songs can
bring you up from any position, any doubt or down-beat. New hope,
re-boot, boots on the ground; listen to Keane, feel better all around.

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Brian chose this YouTube performance by Kate Bush who is an English pop star  (b. 1958).  Here is what he had to say about his recommendation:   “Elton Rocks, but Kate Haunts.  It’s just her job five days a week.
And there is nothing more spooky than being lost in space.  As
pioneers in both music and radical performance, Elton and Kate both
can sing this ballad of spinning through the stars.  While both
versions have lift-off, Kate’s hips and ukulele make us all want to
join her up there.”

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Joni Mitchell

“Peridots and periwinkle blue medallions…”

Brian comments:  “Here comes summer.  🙂  Love your blog.  Ode to escapees to OG, like gay me. “

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