Skating and tasting at Whole Foods.

Paul Goldfinger photo. Skating on no ice while shopping with no cart. They are tasting gouda from the Netherlands at the magnificent Whole Foods Market in Ft. Myers, Fla. 2/20/22 © Blogfinger.net


The fromagerie there is terrific; much better than the isolationists at Wegmans. And don’t forget “Cheese on Main,” Sue’s friendly and expertly stocked shop in the Grove.  Paul Goldfinger photo.

I thought the sign on the wall was for me.


The wine shop. Orchids! Whole Foods. Blogfinger photo.


A provocative sign. They still allow the hand use of tongs to dip into selections. Wegmans cancelled all that. This shopper  (Eileen) bought nothing in this department, but their chocolates and rugelach are first rate.


This store, as many of you know, is owned by Amazon, and you get discounts if you are a Prime member.  There is a Whole Foods in Sea Girt, but this one is better.  The store is so vast that  most of the customers wore no masks.  That has been true wherever we have gone in Fla.  I wore a mask here because I believe that is best in inside locations with lots of people.*

And, by the way, have you heard of Goldbelly.com ?    If not, you must go to their site.




*Masking at Whole Foods?   There is a smorgasbord of expert opinions regarding masking, and some are saying that we don’t need them.   But if we don’t need them, then why are they the rule in hospitals and medical facilities of all types?

Even my podiatrist requires masks, and her patients come into the waiting area one at a time and then they show her their feet.  I guess she read the famous text “The Agony of the Feet.”

In medicine, we try to practice “evidence based medicine” but clinical medical science is sometimes not all that certain.  So doctors in practice, who understand that every scientific advance is accompanied by many newly propagated unanswered related questions,  must use their best judgement.

Mine is that masks can be protective in both directions (giving or getting the virus)–maybe it’s not so great, but why not?

Mask mandates?  In certain circumstances, yes, but not universally.

Paul Goldfinger, MD.

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