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Victorian Grill. Blogfinger photo. 3/13/20.


According to our reporter, opening day, last Sunday on March 6,  at the Victorian Grill, was really packed,and throughout the week there has been a steady flow of customers. The cook  said that their “custom blend short rib and Angus brisket burgers” are really their specialty.

A couple was just finishing their meal when the Blogfinger reporter showed up.  She had the chicken quesadillas and he had the Philly cheese steak with seasoned fries and they both told him that their meals including the fries were delicious.

Chicken tenders with seasoned fries to go. BF photo. 3/13/20.

For Blogfinger’s  take-out,  he had the chicken tenders with seasoned fries (shown in photo). The chicken was perfectly fried, all white meat and very tasty!  The seasoned fries, cut into small discs which pop perfectly into your mouth, were also quite delicious with just the right amount of seasoning and fried golden brown.

For those of you who try this new restaurant, please send us your brief review in our comments section.

Editor’s note:  Since Blogfinger’s inception, we have been hoping for a superior burger in the Grove.  Let us know what you think.  You can comment anonymously.




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