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Transcript below  is obtained from the official CD-R recording made available to Blogfinger by the Township Clerk.  See our original post about this confrontation between a citizen and the Neptune Township Mayor.    Confrontation link

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @blogfinger

Scene: This exchange took place at 3 hours and 20 minutes into the meeting, during the public portion. Mr. Jack Bredin was called to the microphone. Presiding was Mayor Mary Beth Jahn.

Bredin had 5 minutes, and he began by quickly questioning Committeeman Randy Bishop about the New NERP concept plan which had been announced. After that he brought up the subject of a recent Redevelopment meeting that Bishop attended regarding the NERP but at which the Mayor, a member of the negotiating team, was absent.

The exchange below lasted about one minute and occurred about midway during Bredin’s 5 minute allowed time. At no time during the exchange did his time expire.

JB : Mayor, were you at the meeting?

MBJ: No I wasn’t able to be there.

JB: You had something busy to do? Did you arrange the meeting? Did somebody write you a letter and tell you not to go or to go or what?

MBJ: First of all, watch your tone, OK, ’cause I’m not in the mood tonight.

JB: Well yeah, you could watch your tone too.

Two loud bangs of the gavel.  (a signal for the police officer in the room to remove the speaker.)

MBJ: Thank you so much Mr. Bredin. You can take your seat now.

JB: I can take my seat?

MBJ: Yes you can.

JB: My 5 minutes are up?

MBJ: Yes they are.

JB: You’re calling the police?

MBJ: Yes I am.

JB: You’re calling the police to remove me?

MBJ:  I am. I am.

JB: What a terrible thing.

MBJ shouts: I’m a bitch. Sit down.

JB, as he moves away from the mic to go to his seat: I agree

Sound is muffled after that until the next speaker comes to the mic.


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