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By Kathy Arlt, Contributing Writer   @Blogfinger

The 114 tents that exist in Ocean Grove today are only about 25% of the tents that existed at the turn of the 20th century. Then there were four Camp Meeting Association tent grounds; now there are just two. Here are two photos I took showing what tent ground #4 looks like today:

In case you can’t identify the locations: the first picture is Stockton Street at New York Avenue, the second is the intersection of Inskip and New York Avenues; both are facing east. And here are two photographs—the first one very old—taken from roughly the same vantage points as mine, but many, many years ago:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of tent ground #4 that includes Fletcher Lake, which these tents faced. And, also unfortunately, these two photos above aren’t dated. (Please, everyone, for the sake of future historians: put dates on your photos!) But the photograph below, showing tent ground #1, was dated, and the date is 1903.

Of course you know where this is: it’s the North End. Wesley Lake takes up most of the frame, and look at all those tents facing it. (Given the great view, it’s no wonder that tents on Lake Pathway commanded a surcharge.) The structure on the right is Ross’s Pavilion. At the far left of the photograph, above the tents, is the steeple of the Great Auditorium.

Next time: Still more tenting.

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