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To the Editor:

Here are my concerns about handicap parking in Ocean Grove. I hope this generates some discussion.

We have a handicap parking spot in front of the home we purchased in town.  We are on the second block from the beach, and parking fills up quickly.  Over the course of the 3 years we have had our house there have been maybe 2 or 3 instances of a “handicapped” person emerging from a car taking the spot. (By handicapped I mean real ambulatory disability, not the medical definition.)

More typically, like today, an older  (or young overweight) couple pulls in, unpacks multiple chairs, cooler, umbrella and hikes it all down to beach.  Today that couple came jogging back to the car when the rain opened up.

I also have neighbors (older) that bike miles multiple days a week and hike around town just fine, but they too park in handicap spots just in front of their building.

I’m not sure what the handicap can be that necessitates access to a preferential spot. To a non-medical layman, it looks like they are gaming the system. In fact, a friend offered to get me a tag through a connection, but I declined the offer as I am healthy but I could have gotten one.

So, here are the issues:


1. What are the standards for obtaining such a tag?    How liberally do doctors offer prescriptions for the handicap designation?

2. Do others who live in town observe similar activity in relation to handicapped parking spots around the Grove  ?

3. I think it demonstrates a lack of character to use the spots or to game the system to get the spots.   Do others agree ?


Ocean Grove, N.J.  July 31, 2014


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