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New York City, 1968. From the Portraits of Eileen series.

New York City.    From the Portraits of Eileen series.  By Paul Goldfinger. ©


Eileen has been my main model over the years, although our two boys had lots of photos also.  What makes a snapshot a portrait?  I can’t say exactly, because who’s to say when that transition happens. But I always to try to make my photos into something more.  Of course, if you are shooting portraits, it helps to have natural models, like in this photo where 4 blue eyes are staring at me.  Stephen turned out to have green eyes.

At some point I gave up color photography, but now, with Blogfinger and digital, I have returned.  My photographs are always done with natural light—ie no flash. This one was shot with window light and a lamp in the back.—–Paul


MISS PEGGY LEE:  “Them There Eyes”     But Peggy, they’re blue!


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