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By Paul Goldfinger, MD.    Editor Blogfinger.net.   Re-post from 2011 in Ocean Grove, NJ


Now here’s an Ocean Grove sound that many of you probably have never heard before.  It was Saturday, Flea Market day, and we were sitting in the Auditorium Park when a cacaphony rang out from the front door of the Youth Temple. The sound was that of  multiple shofars (rams’ horns) being blown simultaneously.  There were people dancing around. By the time I got over there with my iPhone4, I caught the tail end of a celebration by the Jews for Jesus.

A woman wearing a large star of David on her chest told me that the group was from all over and that they were Christians who were also Jewish.  In the Jewish tradition, the shofar is usually blown one at a time,  inside a synagogue, on the high holidays. But, considering that the first Christians were actually Jews for Jesus, I guess they can blow the shofar anyway they please.


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