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We will post any crime, even those that seem trivial. They will be posted by date, with the most recent on top, and we can add information to an item if more details come in. If the NTPD and Neighborhood Watch post an incident on BF, we will not repeat it here.

We believe that the citizens of OG will benefit from knowing what’s going on.  Of course, not everyone in town reads BF, so we make no claim that this is comprehensive. Even the police don’t know it all, because some crimes are not reported.   — Editors @Blogfinger

1. October 16, 2012: From “Mighty Mad.”     “We had a garden ornament stolen yesterday.”

2.  October 15, 2012.  From “Gosh.”  Hanging carved angel stolen from arbor.

3. October 15t, 2012. From Empress: Bicycle was stolen from behind house on McClintock. It was reported to police. Later, a man was seen trespassing on McClintock properties, roaming from one house to another looking around front, side, and back. Bicycle never recovered.

4. October 9, 2012. From Jean Bredin.  The Halloween bandit struck 94 Heck Avenue. A ceramic jack o’ lantern with light was plucked from our porch last nite. We even had the porch lite on!

5. October 6, 2012. From “Two Incidents.” I was speaking to a neighbor today and she related two recent incidents.  First her shiny new grill went missing, then a ‘vagrant’ was just sitting on her porch and wouldn’t leave. She did call the police and he left, but she said the trespasser just didn’t seem to care. Brazen break-ins and entries, stolen property, car theft, numerous petty crimes and now some residents actually talking about getting guns. Just how long before something truly tragic happens?

6. October 6, 2012. From “Anonymous.” A car was broken into on Seaview Avenue last Thursday. Minor items were stolen including a small Louie Vuitton purse. Reported to police.

7. October 3, 2012. From “Agree.”  A week and a half ago or so a garden ornament was stolen from my front porch on Cookman Avenue in OG. It’s wasn’t worth anything, but the fact that someone came on my porch to take the item certainly gave me pause. I didn’t think much of it until I read the other comments here on Blogfinger.

8. October 3, 2012. From Ted Aanensen:  “Yesterday, a neighbor corner of Abbott and Pligim Pathway was resting on her couch when an intruder cut her screen door and tried to break into the house. Fortunatetly, her screams chased the intruder away. Police were called but the homeowner was so shook up she could not give a terribly accurate description, other than thin, white and in a tee shirt.”

9. October 2, 2012. From “Gosh.” One Saturday night while on patrol for the Citizens Patrol, we had found 2 bikes in the street within a block of each other. We reported to base the finding and waited for police to come and collect the bikes. Two hours later, after no response from the police, we had to bring them by Thornley Chapel to the police sub station.

10. October 2, 2012.  From Larry McKeown.  “We too have been the victim of lawn ornament thieves (thief?). Our multi-colored gazing ball was discovered missing several days ago from our home at 107 Embury Avenue. Do ya think that the thief is holding it for ransom? By the way, I enjoy the “Blog” — move forward.

11. October 2, 2012.  From Ann Yannell.  “Ann Horan just told me that a woman in O.G., today, noticed missing items from her yard and spotted a white van but did not get the license plate. I would like to know more details because I have a plate number of a white van I saw this morning that seemed suspicious to me. Please let me know.”

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