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"Man Lights Cigarette"  By Bob Bowné. September,2014 ©

“Man Lights Cigarette” By Bob Bowné. September,2014 ©


I was there at 8:00 am…weekday, north end on the other side of Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  Beautiful day …no one to be seen anywhere.

But, as I walked down to shoot the empty life guard stand, I got a couple shots off and I hear slurred at me by a totally drunken “gentleman,”

“Hey..that’s my seat”

At which point he jumps up on the stand and repeatedly attempts to light the remnants of a cigarette in the full on, blustery NE wind.

I just kept shooting and laughing at the odds of that situation.  I just LOVED the contortions.



BOB DYLAN  “New Morning”

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