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Mayor Mary Beth Jahn  of Neptune Township, New Jersey.

Mayor Mary Beth Jahn of Neptune Township, New Jersey.

We recently reported on an ugly incident at the April 27, 2015 Township Committee meeting where an Ocean Grove resident was forced to sit down during the public session.  We posted the exact verbal exchange between Jack Bredin and the Mayor, but when the minutes of that meeting were published on the Township website, this is what it said:    “Jack Bredin came up to the microphone to talk about the North End but was asked to sit down by the Mayor. He was escorted to his seat by a Patrolman.”

I think this version of the event makes Jack look bad without revealing the Mayor’s untoward behavior.  Those minutes should include everything that is said at those meetings, not a distorted whitewashed version.  This revisionist text makes one wonder what else is distorted when those minutes are typed and does nothing to reassure the public about transparency by the Committee.

The conversation can be heard on the recording that was made at the meeting, and we posted the transcription on Blogfinger  (see link below)

Exact excerpt from the April 27 Committee meeting

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