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From Carl Swenson of OG March, 2019.

Paul: “An old post card of what the North End looked like at one time.  Before a hotel and pool it was a tenting area.  Only vehicle was a buggy, so it’s not a Sunday shot for sure.  Carl”

From Rich Amole who sent us the same postcard last year.


This post card image shows a horse drawn delivery cart making rounds to the folks in the tents at the north end of the Grove.

Asbury Park and Wesley Lake at the top of the image would help identify that the section of the Grove that the delivery is being made would appear to be on Spray Avenue right off of Ocean Avenue. Laundry is hanging on lines in the yards behind the tents, and everyone has a wonderful display of those colorful red stripe and blue stripe awnings. Each structure has a chimney.

This scene is from 1906, and within a few short years. this tent neighborhood will be making way for the North End Hotel, turning that tent neighborhood into two outdoor pools and a laundry/maintenance facility for this 256 room complex.


(Rich Amole is Blogfinger’s staff historian and reporter)

Editor’s note:   So which is more historic?  Tent City or a commercialized North End?

Don’t let the historic argument sway you.  —PG @Blogfinger

BLOSSOM DEARIE   (Could it be a surrey and not a cart?—Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…)

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