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Eileen tends her OG garden during a spectacular September day. Paul Goldfinger iPhone photo. Look for the rainbows.  Click to enlarge. ©




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OG side of Lake Ave. You only need one flower for a garden. Paul Goldfinger © 7/2019.




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Eileen’s front half yard. Mt. Hermon Way. Paul Goldfinger photo ©   Click to enlarge.  7/13/19


VIVALDI:  The Four Seasons.

“Antonio: please don’t be upset, but we put ‘Winter’ with this summer scene.”

“From your old high school buddy Paul G.  Remember the fun we had in the marching band when you shlepped your harpsichord to the 50 yard line?”

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July 2, 2019. Paul Goldfinger©  Ocean Grove, NJ.


DORETTA MORROW AND RICHARD KILEY   From the original Broadway cast recording of Kismet:   “Stranger in Paradise.”

When I was a kid, the lyrics to this song baffled me.  I thought the lyric was “Out of the commonplace into the air”  and “Somewhere in space I hang suspenders.”  But now I know the truth.  And not only that, but some years later I learned what the title  “a stranger in paradise”  was all about.

As for the music, it was based on the compositions of Alexander Borodin, a 19th century Russian composer.


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