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To the Editor:

Commenters on your blog have expressed the idea that drug legalization would be good policy.  But, as someone in law enforcement, I must disagree:

Does legalizing heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and crystal meth, make these drugs any less addictive?   The answer is no. In fact, most addicts who use these narcotics find themselves hooked after just one use.

Last year, over 47,000 Americans died from drug related deaths; mostly teens and young adults.

Knowing these basic and true facts, would you be OK with your child walking to a 7-11 and buying  a syringe and a bag of heroin?

Making it legal won’t stop the deterioration of a family living with an addict.

Making it legal won’t stop the crime associated with addiction.

Making it legal won’t help the innocent pedestrian struck by the vehicle of a car whose driver is  high.

Making it legal will only make it acceptable to our children because they can now buy without fear of jail or fines; which will certainly mean more addicted Americans and more deaths.

Until you have firsthand watched the life slip away from a 17 year-old while he foams at the mouth, and watch that child’s mother screaming, watch friends crying…..be very careful what you wish for.

Even states that have legalized marijuana prove this point. The numbers of vehicular deaths have spiked in those states.  Many of those deaths are due to innocent victims being killed by people driving high.  The number of regular marijuana users has at least doubled because it’s easy to get and you can smoke it anywhere.

It’s easy to stand on a soapbox and preach legalization, but learn the facts and understand the outcomes

Jonathan Anderson

Newark, NJ.

February 20, 2018

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