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Location:  Wegmans,  Thursday morning,  November 8.

An African-American boy, about age 12, is walking with an older white man, about age 60, who is carrying a cup of coffee.

Boy:  “Do you like it if I call you “Poppy?”

Man:  “That’s fine.”

Boy: “As long as I don’t call you Bob….”


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Not being oblivious downtown.       By Paul Goldfinger

The scene is New York’s Greenwich Village. I am walking near Washington Square Park — jeans, T-shirt, camera in hand and Blogfinger hat on my head. The hat is part of my Grover uniform. It’s green with red lettering and looks like what the soldiers wear while pounding the bush looking for the Taliban.

A couple is coming from the opposite direction. As they pass, she glances my way. A momentary pause and then I hear:

“Blogfinger? Didja ever hear of that?”

Isn’t it funny how some people observe everything while others are oblivious. This woman took two seconds to notice me and my hat, and then come up with a question about it.

That was a special moment. She had a brief visual experience, enough to spark a comment, and I enjoyed what she said. It actually was a sort of conversation, even though we did not speak to each other.

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