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Paul Goldfinger, editor@Blogfinger and Ernie Bergman, official Blooger. Sanibel Island, Florida. Jan. 2013.

Paul Goldfinger, editor@Blogfinger (L)  and Ernie Bergman, official Blooger. Sanibel Island, Florida. Jan. 2013. You can click the photo to read the lettering on our bucket hats.  Eileen Goldfinger photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor.  Re-post from 2013.

If you think a Great Blue Heron is a rare sighting, try to find someone wearing an official Blogfinger bucket hat, and it is almost unheard of to find two of  the species together in one place. Even in Ocean Grove, you will have trouble unless you bump into yours truly. Only a few people actually own one, and I am the only one who wears it regularly.  Carl Hoffman, a Blooger*  from Mt. Tabor Way sometimes wears his, and Charles/Mary/Eileen will put theirs on if they feel sorry for me being the only one to look ridiculous . My son Michael from Fla will occasionally put his on, but I challenge him to do so if he is out on a date.   Actually I prefer to consider this look as not being silly, but instead to resemble the hats worn by our brave soldiers around the world—i.e. a warriors hat.

Oh, a Blooger*  is somebody who regularly reads Blogfinger.

Anyhow, my first cousin Ernie is a Blooger who not only reads BF but sometimes comments under the name “Ernie.”  He is a retired assistant prosecutor from New Jersey, so if I am going to pose with someone in a funny hat, it’s good to be with a lawyer.



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