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Carousel at Seaside Heights--Exit 82. Did someone say carousel? Send in the clowns. Paul Goldfinger photo

Carousel at Seaside Heights–Exit 82. Did someone say carousel? Send in the clowns. Paul Goldfinger photo

Seaside Heights. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Seaside Heights. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

There is an alarming article in today’s Coaster, unsigned by a reporter, and on page 19. It states that a portion of the public Seaside Heights beach, 1.37 valuable acres, is going to be sold to a private developer.  According to the article, this was permitted by the State of New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection and by State House Commission.

The property is worth millions, but the price tag, the items that the town of Seaside Heights will get for the land include:  a carousel which is being phased out, a parking lot along the boardwalk—half the size of the beach being sold, and 67 acres of undeveloped wetlands worth $4,100 per acre.  This sounds outrageous.

It is amazing that this story hasn’t prompted a major investigation by the State and the County.  

It is reminiscent of 1986 in Ocean Grove when the CMA wanted to sell land by Fletcher Lake, along the beach, to build a condo high rise.   That proposal was beaten back by the people. We wrote about that story earlier this year.

In Ocean Grove we also have been sensitized by the shenanigans related to the possible re-development of our North End.

The Seaside Heights proposal is being challenged by a lawsuit brought by the American Littoral Society, Inc. and by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. Where are the citizens of Seaside Heights and where is the Governor who saw to it that they received funding after Sandy to rebuild the beachfront?

What sort of backroom deal allowed this to happen?

The people of Ocean Grove should keep an eye on this story, and if you hear anything, please share with us.  See the comment below which contains a link to more details.—-Paul Goldfinger,  Editor  @Blogfinger


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