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Main Street in A. Park. Their firemen do not fear risk to their 1890 fire bell. They want it open for the public. Blogfinger photograph. September, 2018 ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

The Ocean Grove bell is on Camp Meeting land.  The Asbury bell is on public land.  Maybe that is why the public there is respected more than the public in Ocean Grove, and there is much more at stake than just a bell.

It is the idea of caring for the public good in one private space compared to one public space.   That is why public land rights must be preserved and protected from private interests such as the land use clashes in OG;  and the beach, ocean and lake vulnerabilities in all places where waterways are preserved for the public’s use for conservation and recreation.


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JOHN RUTTER AND THE CAMBRIDGE SINGERS:  “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”



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