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The Warrington is at 22 Lake Avenue in Ocean Grove, NJ

The Warrington is at 22 Lake Avenue in Ocean Grove, NJ

To the Editor:

Can someone please give the people of OG, and in spite of what is being done with the clasping  (sic)  building THE PARK VIEW and the building that is the second Park View, THE WARRINGTON.  There has been strange people in and out of there;  can someone please help— these buildings are an accident waiting to happen.


Ocean Grove, NJ

April 12, 2013


This is the second such letter that Simon has sent us. It is not edited.   The first, an email,  was forwarded by us to the Neptune Police. They responded by  email to us saying that if someone sees something worrisome,  they should call the police.  They did not indicate if they would look into this report.

If you live over in that neighborhood, you might want to take a walk over there. We all have an obligation, according to Neighborhood Watch, to keep an eye out and “if you see something, say something.”   Call the police for anything suspicious—

There have been a number of articles in Blogfinger about the Warrington.  You can do a search above. The last time we had a report about that place was in August, 2012,  by Charles Layton:

“All 15 boarders at the Warrington Rest Home in Ocean Grove have been relocated to permanent housing in other state-licensed facilities. Tammori Petty, a spokesperson for the Department of Community Affairs, said Wednesday that this resolves the state’s concerns about the property. The DCA closed the run-down boarding home on June 13 due to what it termed “serious conditions affecting the health, safety and welfare of residents.” (For more info about the reasons for its closing, go here.)  With the state out of the picture, it remains unclear what will become of this now-empty and deteriorating building, which faces Wesley Lake at 22 Lake Avenue, directly behind the Park View Inn. It had been licensed to provide room and board for veterans and physically challenged people. According to tax records, it is owned by Jack Ancona LLC of Long Branch. We have been unable to contact this individual for comment.”

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