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Paul Goldfinger photo. June 14, 2014

Paul Goldfinger photo. June 14, 2014. Ocean Grove.   Give that man a fiddle.  Click for larger version.


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The NTPD traffic patrol vehicle paused by this car, checked out the parking, and drove off without issuing a ticket. Blogfinger photo. 9/25/17. ©

We have complained before  about inconsistent law enforcement in the Grove, for example regarding parking, posting notices, and checking for yard sale licenses.  The broken windows theory of law enforcement emphasizes the need to enforce small infractions in order to prevent larger ones.  But  inconsistent enforcement breeds uncertainty, indifference, and resentment among the populace  (who have torches and pitchforks.)

For example, people have to wonder if they should take the time and money to go to town hall for their yard sale permit. Or whether to worry if they park, as in this example, with their car butt overhanging the yellow line—definitely a violation.   Such inconsistency results in cynicism about law enforcement.

These examples may seem relatively unimportant, and they are, and  if someone posts a flier  on a telephone poll , I don’t care.  In fact I liked that old fashioned way of communicating here in town.   But if the ordinance is ignored for some, but not others  (as with the tacky pinkification of our telephone polls for an entire month,) then the system of equal justice under the law has broken down.   And, by the way, the phrase “equal justice under the law” is etched into the stone above the front doors of the Supreme Court.

If we can’t have equal justice in enforcing small ordinances, then those laws should be removed.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

ELVIS COSTELLO     “Let’s Misbehave”

“We’re all alone, no chaperone
Can get our number
The world’s in slumber–let’s misbehave!”


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Say what's on your mind.  Start a conversation. Keep it brief.  Thank you, Bill Gates, Blogfinger spokesman.

Say what’s on your mind. Start a conversation. Keep it brief. Thank you, Bill Gates, Blogfinger spokesman.

Just Saying:  From Jan of Ocean Grove regarding the Neptune Township Zoning Board:

The Zoning Board is a JOKE! I have never experienced a Board opening a meeting where anyone out of order will be asked to leave. If questions are entertained to the Board they do not answer you. They just look at you in silence.

If residents can show that a project would have a negative impact to the town, a normal board would take that into consideration and work with both the residents and the applicant on an amicable solution.

An example would be the 9 condo’s built on Bath Ave. The residents screamed on that street pleading for the board to take into consideration the size of the structure,parking, and how it was going to have a negative impact on the residents and the community. So what did they do to form a compromise NOTHING. Then when the building burned to the ground, Neptune should of enforced their ordinance which stated: When a structure burns down, only demolition is feasible. The owners can only build according to code. This was not enforced and the same will happen on Main Avenue.

This is not a board that serves the interest of both the town and residents. They have no concern for preserving the town as the historic gem which it is. It appears that their only goals are more density and no parking—-so they can build to the max and increase revenue.

Until a unified board is conceived, Ocean Grove will never have an equal opportunity to solve community issues and keep with the gem that we are.

SPEARHEAD  “Say Hey”  From the movie score Valentine’s Day.

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Just Saying

Do you think that anyone contemplating jumping or diving would care what that sign says?  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

Do you think that anyone contemplating jumping or diving would care what that sign says?   Ralph’s sign says, “Down at the shore, everything’s all right.”  Really, Ralph?  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

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