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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Bloginger

In an announcement e-mailed by Ann Horan, President of the HOA, the OG Home Groaners Association decided that they should discuss Grove parking and the RSIS application because “these topics are very much ‘of the moment,’ and the discussion is sure to be wide-ranging and lively'”

Wow! Where have they been? “Of the moment?” These topics have been topical for years.  And what has the HOA done to educate the people of the Grove about RSIS which is a subject that can impact the  town’s future?

They promise a ” lively discussion,” but without preparation, all the audience can do is listen to  lawyerly propaganda speeches by an organization that has shown little interest in the RSIS issue until now and which has been on the anti-OG side of other  topics including North End redevelopment and zoning.  Where do they stand on other “of the moment” issues such as the Park View subdivision?  Why didn’t they attend the recent RSIS meeting in Trenton?

If it weren’t for Blogfinger hammering away, nobody in town would have a clue about these important subjects.

Those who will attend the event on Saturday, Jan 23 at 10 am in the Community Room, should do their homework and do searches on Blogfinger under RSIS and parking.

This Saturday’s forum will hopefully be  enlivened by informed and involved individuals in the audience who will make sure that the facts are allowed to surface.

Maybe Jack Bredin will be there.  In the past certain officers of the   HOA tried to silence his dissent.



DOM  DE LUISE: Blogfinger is a watchdog, so there’s nothing dirty going on in Ocean Grove—-from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:




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