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Warmish at 60 degrees; cloudy, but sun arrived later in the day; strong westerly wind blew my hat off  by the beach. Young women walking with no coats. Little dogs on leashes hold their ground — no pit bulls in sight. Babies in strollers — all bundled up like Eskimos. Man standing on a bench staring at the ocean. Taxi slows and stops briefly while passengers look at the sky. Flags by the beach rattle and flap with the gusts. Sun appears then vanishes behind the clouds then reappears — have to constantly adjust my camera — but no auto mode for me. Get back in the car; warm up  and head west: need ice cream.  —  Paul Goldfinger

Ocean Grove. Posted originally  in  January 2012. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Who knew in January what weather would appear in October?  Maybe John Rutter knew.

MUSIC:  John Rutter (b. 1945), British composer of choral music—“Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind ” from the Distant Land Orchestral Collection      

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