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Scene:  I am leaving a shop in downtown Fort Myers when I notice a man entering my peripheral vision.  He is on the sidewalk walking backwards towards the corner where I am.   He is holding onto the handlebars of a backwards motorcycle which he is pulling backwards as well.  I cannot resist saying something as he reaches my location.

Me:  “Did you know that you are in reverse?”

He stops, looks at me with cold eyes and says nothing.  Then he keeps walking backwards until he reaches the corner at which point he redirects into forward gear and crosses the street.

Sometimes people don’t know when I am kidding—especially in Florida.

That, I believe, is a one-way conversation for a two-way event. Can one person have a conversation with another who doesn’t speak?  I think so.   Below is a YouTube video of a man who only goes one way—backwards for 25 years.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger


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