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Keeping eyes on the beach at Asbury Park  (summer 2013)  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

Keeping eyes on the beach at Asbury Park (summer 2013). Where are those soldiers?   Paul Goldfinger photo ©


We have received a bulletin from Mr. J.P. Gradone, COO of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association:

“According to our meeting with the Army Corp. of Engineers and the contractor, the dredging ship was delayed due to weather and other scheduling conflicts. They are due to arrive this weekend (1/11).  The line is still set to come in around Surf Ave. in Ocean Grove.  They will pump material 2000 feet north up to around 1st and 2nd Ave. in Asbury Park next week.

Within the next two weeks, they should begin to pump material 2000 feet south of the Surf Ave. line, covering most of Ocean Grove.  The remaining southern portion of Ocean Grove will be done in collaboration with the Bradley Beach work, which is tentatively scheduled for March.”

Editor’s Note:  : There should be some good shelling when this project begins. Go to the beach with a bag  and a little rake.  A metal detector might reveal some treasure. Perhaps coins from a Spanish galleon, or maybe some bottles from prohibition a la Boardwalk Empire.  —-PG

Here is a link to our December article about Mr. Gradone:    Link about the CMA’s new COO

NORMAN BLAKE (soundtrack from the Coen Brothers film   “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?  “):

THE CHORDETTES:  “Mr. Sandman, bring me some sand…”

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