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By Paul Goldfinger

I decided to try Siri.  Maybe you have seen commercials where people ask her to do things like remind them to show up for an appointment.  My iPhone came with Siri and with an app called Notes.  So I dictated a trial note using Siri.  It was a very brief recipe for cabbage soup. This is what I got:

“One make cabbage soup

To boil some potatoes

Three slice up a cabbage

For what the cabbage in the pot five get short ribs with bombs

Sex Friday short ribs in a frying pan seven put it all together season it and cook it a sit down and eat it without a”

I don’t think this technology is going to work for me.  Maybe I need to talk slower or clearer. But, just so you know, there is no sex or bombs involved in the preparation of cabbage soup.  Maybe there is in Silicon Valley.

If you are interested in Siri, here is a link:   Siri says funny things

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