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"The Duo by David Hosteler, 1997."  Photograph by Lee Morgan ©.  March 15, 2015.

“The Duo” by David Hosteler, 1997.” Photograph by Lee Morgan ©. March 14, 2015.

By Lee Morgan, Blogfinger staff.

Barbara and I had taken the A train to Columbus Circle. We were off to see the French film Trois Coeurs (3 Hearts) at the Lincoln Plaza Theatre at 64th and Broadway. As we were walking by the Trump International Hotel and Tower (the one with the large silver-colored globe in front), we noticed on the Tower’s side plaza along Broadway a very large sculpture of two figures who appeared to be strolling. They looked content, not a concern in the world.  This was one of those moments where art and life becomes blurred. We communed with them silently and hurried off to the film.

Trois Coeurs was about the usual drama of a man falling in love with two women and the ensuing saga. (No spoiler!)

While we loved taking the imaginary trip to France, the film was not as memorable as our earlier moment on the plaza.

It is Sunday, the day after seeing the film, and we are still talking about the surreal aspects of our encounter with the artwork.  A New York moment for sure!


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