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To the Editor:

Re: Redistribution of wealth as a subtopic of our Obamacare series.

The redistribution of wealth keeps coming up in this healthcare topic and distracts from the ACA issue. I propose we discuss redistribution (distribution) of wealth and income in America.

I will quote no less an expert than Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs, on  this  to start things off. In an interview with the PHILLY ENQUIRER he said: “This country does a great job of creating wealth, but not a great job of distributing it.”  And he ought to know.

Ken suggests this Philly.com link


Ocean Grove, NJ. Dec. 8, 2013

Editor’s note: We are offering the opportunity to isolate and discuss a variety of issues related to healthcare on Blogfinger. We do not want to get into global discussions about life in America.

So, although Ken wants to dissect out this subject because it is a “distraction” that interferes with analysis of the ACA,  please try to focus  your comments regarding redistribution of wealth as it pertains to healthcare.  If we don’t, then we will open the door to a large array of national issues that are not part of our mission on Blogfinger such as racism, poverty and CEO salaries, all fine for the NY Times, but enough to give me a huge headache on Blogfinger.   —-PG

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