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"Ten men in a boat" By Paul Goldfinger

“Fun Guys”  A musical comedy by Paul Goldfinger

Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

Last September I posted the  “Mushroom Quartet” but that wasn’t the only photograph from the mushroom still-life series.  Here is another take on the subject.    I rarely do still lifes, but in this instance we have some fun guys from Fungus University.

The last ensemble reminded me of a fifties girl group, but these look like a close-harmony men’s glee club singing in the movie “Pitch Perfect 1.”

But this still life also looks like ten men in a boat. Little did they know that they would be ten men in our salad that night.

THE TREBLEMAKERS, from the filmsoundrack of Pitch Perfect II   “Lollipop

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