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We were walking down a side street in Lambertville, New Jersey.  Another couple was walking nearby.  Then we all heard a noise above.  We looked up and saw a third floor window open.  A woman in a purple sweater briskly jumped onto the ledge and began to clean the windows.  The woman near us said, “I’d like to hire her.”  I thought “Don’t jump,” but I didn’t say it.  We want a funny caption. —Paul

Your winning caption here.  Click left for larger view.  Paul Goldfinger photo.  October 2012

“Can you hear me now?”  (caption winner Millie Stires)   Paul Goldfinger photo. October 2012

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Thank you to the seventeen funny folks who submitted entries.  It was tough to choose.  My main criteria was that there had to be a reference to the cemetery, and the caption had to make me laugh out loud.  The winner “Prime Real Estate” needs to email us to claim his/her prize ; the second prize winner Tom Constantino sent us 3 entries, all funny and clever.  I have his address already.  His winning  entry was “Open house on Sunday (1-4.)  Ask for Peter.”

Your prize will be coffee with Charles and me, at the joe joint of your choice. Maybe our centerfold will join us.  (That would be a picture with a staple; not a real girl.)  Or you can have an OG car magnet or a CD of our favorite music  “Tunes for Senior Citizens By Charles and Paul.”   — Paul  @Blogfinger

Prime real estate in a gated community….see old friends and meet new ones.

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