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Chef Gina Moore of “Lilly Piccadilly” posing with her delicious scones  in an OG garden.  July 16, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

Eileen Goldfinger, Food Editor @Blogfinger and Paul Goldfinger, plain old editor.

Gina Crescio-Moore is a trained chef, a New Yorker from Bayside, who spent her teen-age summers staying with family in the Grove. They bought their summer home here in 1980, and she relished her youthful time in town, loving all the unique experiences here: the porch culture, the talkative and friendly people, ice cream at Days, chicken dinners with fresh corn from the old Pathway Market, and the “vibe” which has been so special to her.

Subsequently she was trained as a chef in California, and over the years she lived in Homdel and Keyport.

Last year, when she was living in  Keyport, a major fire erupted destroying businesses and homes.  Among them was Gina’s  loft which was totally ruined.  After that, she and her 12 year old daughter Lilly moved to Ocean Grove because Gina has always loved the town and because the move placed her near family.

Gina is a personal chef and instructor. Her cuisine is varied, but she likes to emphasize vegetarianism, raw foods and herbs. Gina calls her business “Lilly Piccadilly.”  Her card says “healthy food for your healthy future.”  Gina is very interested in nutrition and she is especially knowledgeable about new  organic, non-processed cuisines.    She wants to work for families, individuals and couples, and she already has some clients in the Grove.  She can make whatever is requested, but she is not a caterer.

We met Gina when she was strolling around our North End neighborhood carrying a basket of her scones—delicious, made with chocolate, raspberry, and orange, She loves walking around the Grove meeting people.  Gina is a very gregarious person who gets excited talking about nutrition and cooking.

Chef Gina Moore aims to please. Not only will she create a meal to your specifications, but she will serve and even clean up. Her other services include shopping, setting up a pantry, preparing a week’s worth of food, and cooking custom meals for those on special diets.  Gina will take special orders for scones and breads.

You can reach Gina at 732 673 2625; or by email at g35manion@yahoo.com.

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